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Submeet association is a not for profit organisation established in March 2011 with the aim to promote transnational mobility activities targeting learners and staff.
Relating to the new EU Programme Erasmus +, Submeet aims to:
  • support learners in the acquisition of competences with a view to improving their personal development and employability in the European Labour Market;
  • support the professional development of those who work in education, training and youth with a view to innovating and improving the quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe.
  • raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries,
  • actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity;
  • reinforce synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship;
  • ensure a better recognition of competences gained through learning periods spent abroad.

Our target:

We work with all organisations active in the following fields:
  • school education: school leaders, teachers and staff, pupils in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools;
  • adult education: members of adult education, trainers, staff and learners in adult education;
  • youth: young people from 13 to 30, youth workers, staff members organisations;
  • higher education students and staff;
  • sport: professionals and volunteers, athletes and coaches.

Our team:

Fabiana Rocchi - President of Submeet Association
Graduate in Economy and Business Administration at the University of Rome and with a Masters in Tourist Economy at the University of Perugia; Fabiana began her career teaching marketing & tourism in different courses financed by the European Social Fund at regional level. As part of the CIP Leader II, she worked as an agent for tourism development in her hometown of Vasto and its hinterland. Following this she turned to writing and working on ESF projects for several accredited VET Centres in the Abruzzo Region.
In 2003, with the Socrates Programme, she developed and wrote EU project proposals involving local schools, VET Centres and associations interested in developing transnational partnerships.
In recent years with the development and implementation of numerous projects, she has consolidated her expertise as a EU projects expert as well as develop an extensive network of national and European contacts.
Relating to student mobility, Fabiana has written and managed numerous Leonardo projects for Italian and Spanish organisations, sending abroad more than 500 trainees. Over 60% of the trainees found work in Italy and abroad within one year of the conclusion of their work experience.
In 2011, she established the Submeet association to offer valuable work experience opportunities to students & trainees coming from other European countries. In the last four years the association has matured rapidly, to the point where we are able to arrange internships in different Italian locations and in a range of settings.
Elio Bucciantonio: Vice President of Submeet and Industrial Area Trainer.
Graduated as an industrial engineer at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, he has been working for 16 years in some of the main international tier1 suppliers of the automotive industry. He started his career as a logistics manager dealing with several cross-sectorial kaizen projects. Since 2007 he took responsibility for the whole plant, first at Isringhausen SpA and later at Bode Sud and ISA..
In 2013, he decided to establish Stark to support SMEs at EU level to benefit from his previous experience and to implement R+D+I activities thanks to EU Programmes and Funds.
He is a logistics lecturer at the University of L'Aquila (Engineering Dept) and responsible for the H2020 infopoint at the Professional Order of Engineers in Chieti. He is a TIE/TPS expert and Green Belt certified.
Recently he become CEO of DIGEMA SL, another consultancy company with the same mission of Stark in Spain.  
In SubMeet Elio offers his expertise in industrial engineering, team-building and team-performance training individuals, companies and VET organisations. 
Mino Reganato: Gaeta Area Manager and Senior Expert in Hotel Management.
Mino is an accomplished expert in hotel management and tourism. In particular, in the hospitality sector where he has held numerous positions ranging from general manager to start up consultant and sales manager. He is experienced in the management of failing organisations encouraging relocation on the Italian and foreign markets. He is an expert on incoming and outgoing travel having worked for numerous tour operators over the years. In this field he won two invitations to tender in the Lazio Region for innovative ideas in tourism.
As a trainer, he cooperates with several VET centres; with his favourite subject: the development of entrepreneurial skills in young people.
Creator of the Hotel & Tourism Management Group, a company specialising in the start up and / or the management of tourism focussed enterprises (Hotels and accommodation, tour operators, companies for the development of tourism planning), Mino is also Vice President of A.I.R.A. the Italian Association of Hotel Managers. He has participated in numerous projects related to tourist destination management winning two national awards in the tourism sector (the Tourism Web Award twice and the Italian Award for Responsible Tourism).
Mino is also one of the organisers of the regional tourism workshop in the Molise region (years 2014-2015). He speaks fluent English, French and Spanish.
Fanny Costella: Vittorio Veneto Area Manager and Expert in Adult Education.
PHD in History at the University of Trieste, Fanny is actively engaged in the field of education with more than 20 years of experience. She worked at all levels of the Italian School system; private and public, acquiring exceptional teaching skills. She is also a recognised teacher of Italian as a second language (L2) with certification obtained at Siena and Perugia Universities. Because of that, she can test foreigners from A1 to C2 (CEFR) providing Italian Language Certificates.
Fanny is also an expert in adult education having worked at the CTP (Adult Education Centre) in Vittorio Veneto, the town where she lives. Here, she organises language training courses and internships in order to facilitate the social and labour market inclusion of people coming from other countries.
Due to her extensive experience, Fanny has acquired an excellent knowledge of the Treviso Province, a vast area  famous for the high development of SMEs and modern agriculture. In 2010 she became involved with different European programmes to support adult education and work based learning experience. Because of her personal motivation on this topic, she attended a Master in EU Projects course at the University of Padua and two further training courses organised in Brussels by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce. It was during the last training course that she met Fabiana Rocchi where they started an active cooperation in the field of international mobility funded by the Erasmusplus programme. After having successfully managed three KA1 projects Fanny became area manager of Vittorio Veneto, one of the four host destinations of Submeet Association.
Arianna Serena: Ibla Area Manager and Expert in Tourism and Travels.
Arianna has almost thirty years of experience in the tourism sector. She started her career working in numerous travel agencies of Trento, her hometown. Working as trainee initially she progressed to arranging ticket sales to planning and arranging tour packages, excursions and day trips for school and adult groups.
Her professional experience has been further enhanced by attending specific training courses - especially in marketing and travelling around the world.
In 2000, she made the decision to move to Sicily. There she recognised tourist habits completely different from her past experience. This was one of the reasons why Arianna decided to open her own travel agency in 2007: Arianna Travel in Vittoria. In 2012, after 15 years, she was reunited with her university mate, Fabiana Rocchi. Together they began a new collaboration by promoting all the different opportunities offered by Erasmus Plus in the Iblea area (Province of Ragusa).
Arianna is also responsible for the organization of inward mobility in Sicily on behalf of Submeet Association.