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If you are a public or private organisation active in the field of Vocational Education and Training (so called VET), or in education, training and youth or simply active in the labour market and you are interested to send Individuals in Italy, you may be interested to give a look to our hosting destinations.
If you are planning to get here in spring or summertime, students can enjoy our large beach and our safe Adriatic Sea.
Possible cultural visits from Vasto (one day): Rome, Naples, Tremiti Isles (only during the summer season), Sorrento and Pompei.
Possible cultural visits (one day excursion): Padua, Venice, Trieste and Treviso.
Area Manager: Mrs. Fanny Costella
Gaeta is another interesting destination where your organisation can decide to plan a mobility. Set on a promontory stretching towards the Gulf of Gaeta, it is 120 kilometres far from Rome and 80 km from Naples. This town is particularly suitable for those who wants to live a Work Experience in fields: Arts, crafts and design; Catering services; Education and training; Environmental sciences; General and personal services;Information technology and information management; Medicine and nursing; Retail sales and customer service; Social services;Sport, leisure and tourism; Transport especially shipping companies.
Possible places to be visited: Naples, Rome, Pompei, Pontine Islands - particularly Ponza and Ventotene.
Area Manager: Mr. Mino Reganato.
The ancient Ibla is the last destination we want to propose for your mobility. With other seven towns of the south east of Sicily, it is in the list of  Unesco World Heritage thanks to its high level of late Baroque art and architecture. If Arts, crafts (especially ceramics), agriculture and tourism are the fields of your interest Ragusa Ibla is another suitable place for your group.
Area Manager: Mrs. Arianna Serena
Not chosen yet? LET US GUIDE YOU:
If you have read everything about our host destinations and you are still thinking what is the suitable place for your group, then please, read the table below:-
Fields of our Expertise[1]
Vittorio Veneto
If you found what you are looking for, please, complete the form below or send us an e-mail specifying the field and/or place of your interest.
We'll reply in 48 hours with all the information you need to complete your application form:
  • our completed partner info sheet;
  • partner info sheet of the chosen host partners;
  • our best quotation.

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[1] Every single job profile is related to the field of our expertise. The list above indicated is linked to the UK National Career Service's website (
It should be easier for you to define what kind of Work Experience are you going to plan for your students and the skills and competences they need to acquire.